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About Bidi Dworkin

Bidi Dworkin is a Vermont-based jazz-folk vocalist. Her childhood was

laced with music, as she listened to her physician/musician father practice

his alto sax as well as host live jam sessions in the family living room. She

performed professionally in New York City as a modern dancer with the

Nancy Meehan Dance Company. Her current project, New History, brings

her back to her earliest musical roots, as Bidi embraces the art of jazz

singing with reverence. New History, includes jazz-pop-and folk songs

from the 1960’s -1980’s, as well as her original compositions. Her debut

album, Beautiful Souvenirs (2020, Twenty Two Productions) was arranged

by legendary jazz vocalist Jay Clayton. Bidi offers her interpretation of

(lesser known) jazz standards and songs from the folk tradition. Bidi thanks

all jazz luminaries who cast their light, including Jay Clayton, Meredith

Monk, Theo Bleckmann, Laurie Antonioli, Sheila Jordan, Kate McGarry, Rhiannon, Dominique Eade, Brenda Earle Stokes, Fay Victor, Peter Eldridge and Ayelet Rose Gottlieb. Active as a voice teacher, she is certified through The Lovetri Institute of Somatic Voicework TM.

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