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" Dworkin sings with a sort of gentle rusticity, reminding me of the great Monica Zetterlund with Bill 

   Evans on the album Waltz for Debby." – Tony Frankel, Stage & Cinema

New History








New History is a compilation of pop, folk, jazz and original songs that reflect the flow of creative culture during the kaleidoscopic era (1960's through 1980's).

       Credits: Bidi Dworkin -- vocals  @bididworkin  

       Adrian Vedady -- contrabass

       Kate Wyatt -- piano   @katewyattpiano  

       Producer and Video Editor. -- Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, Orchard of Pomegranates

       Lighting and Video -- Nick Jewell Video Assistant -- Afro Hussein Sound Engineer -- Jason Price Sound Mixing --

       Ky Brooks, Error 403 Recorded at Planet Studio   @planetstudio  Montreal Quebec


Adrian Vedady, contrabass   |  Kate Wyatt, piano   |   Bidi Dworkin, vocals

No Way to Say Goodbye

by Leonard Cohen








Vocals   Bidi Dworkin

Keys    Kate Wyatt

Bass     Adrian Vedady

Dizzy's All Stars

by Bidi Dworkin








Vocals   Bidi Dworkin

Keys    Kate Wyatt

Bass     Adrian Vedady

Now booking for the 2024 season.

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